About Us

In this Digital era, news papers are on their way to extinction. Human life has become busier than ever. Few years ago, to know about the previous day’s news, we had to depend upon our daily papers. Still there are a cluster of people who wait for the paper to arrive from dawn. But when the papers reach our hands, most of us do not get the time to read it in details due to our packed sschedules. Also, except few papers, others have lost their independence to publish news in their own way. Corporate has taken over these papers. These papers only care about which parties to oil for their own rising. News writers do not have their freedom to express an issue. The news channels in TV go through the same thing. Our world is progressing in its fastest speed. And to catch up with the events, the only way is Web Portal. Here, news reaches within minbouutes of an incident.

We belong to that group who are addicted to journalism. Behind us, there is no big business organization to support us. Our pens do not flow under any other’s commands. We not even for once hesitate to differentiate between black and white. Who to oil and who to not, we do not care about it. Doing journalism for years, we have realized our news should be for all. With the aim to stand beside the oppressed and voice their rebellion, we are coming with the portal ‘BharatBarta’. We are trying to spread the news of the entire world to all people. We do not use wrong ways, or corruptions to popularize ourselves. We express what needs to be Highlighted – Education, Travel, Literature, Health, Government, Politics, State, Countries etc. We hope all of you will be with us till the end of our journey.

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